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The Belgadia Palace

Built in the 1800s in the Victorian architectural style with elements of Georgian decor, it was envisioned as a property for visiting foreign dignitaries, guests of the royal family of Mayurbhanj. During the merger of the princely state to the Union of India, the property was titled palace as to pay homage to the royal family that moved into it post independence as their primary residence.

Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Baripada in Mayurbhanj, Odisha, the Palace is a beautiful piece of Kalinga history that redefines the idea of a hotel, and is 4-5 hours from the state capital of Odisha, Bengal and Jharkhand.

A tropical art deco sanctuary refurbished with modern amenities,The Belgadia Palace brings alive its history of being an artists haven whilst being surrounded by the wild natural beauty of the Odia countryside.

Maharajkumari Mrinalika & Akshita M Bhanj Deo

Mrinalika and Akshita are the 48th generation of the Bhanj Dynasty, which were the rulers of the princely state of Mayurbhanj. They grew up between Odisha and Bengal in the eastern states of India and attended the United World College of South East Asia Singapore before attending college as Davis scholars in the United States, at Bard College and the University of Virginia.

Their vision in opening up the doors to their home was to build sustainable tourism with social impact at its core in the tribal-dominated region. Mrinalika is also a successful yoga practitioner and facilitates wellness retreats in India and abroad, whereas Akshita works at the intersection of technology and social good. Both sisters have been featured in numerous publications such as Yourstory, South China Morning Post. Insider, Conde Nast Traveller, Vogue and Times of India on their work in sustainability and arts & culture.